5 Tips to Prepare your Kid for Kindergarten

Children are usually enthusiastic about starting school, but a sense of fear always remains. So many thoughts run through their minds—whether they will be able to see their parents often during school time or whether they will make new friends, etc. All of these thoughts can aggravate your little one’s big issues.

Kindergarten is an exciting environment, and there are so many things happening together that it becomes all the more important to prepare your children beforehand. So, in this article, we will talk about simple ways to prepare your little fighter for kindergarten.

5 Tips to Prepare your Kid for Kindergarten

Here are five things you can do:

  1. Reading books everyday helps

Undoubtedly, this is the most fundamental activity you can engage into ensure linguistic development in your child.

Children love books and love to read them again and again to the point of exhaustion. You can take advantage of their tendency and help them in learning new words.

Incidentally, there are many letter books to help children learn sounds and recognition. Pay a visit to a local library, search through the kids’ section and prepare a good list. You can take your kids there too.

  1. Manners

Children are unprepared for formal or semi-formal settings; at home, they get everything without many efforts, but at school, they will have to ask. They will have to ask politely.

Teach your kids basic mannerism and a couple of ways to give pleasantries to teachers and others around. This will lay a good impression on not only the teachers but also the peers and, thus, allow great social bonding.

Give them practical training sessions by asking them to formally address or request you. This way they will learn faster and better.

  1. Development of social skills

Before your kid starts kindergarten, ensure that your kid is socially engaged with neighborhood kids. This is imperative because when your kid enters the kindergarten, he/she will direly need those social skills.

Your kids should know how to talk, when to talk, what to talk and others. Friends are important and if your kid has them from the beginning, things will be less difficult.

  1. Teach your children to take up responsibility

Kindergarten is not a crèche. It is a place of learning and fun, but that does not mean the teachers will cater to every need of the children. Kindergarten is the first step towards gaining a sense of individualism and independence.

Encourage your children to take up responsibilities—ask them to clean up their rooms, keep their things organized, apologize when wrong, dress themselves up and whatnot. This will reduce the impact of the inevitable sense of helplessness which most kindergarteners feel.

  1. Self-esteem

While children usually like the idea of starting school, the actual day of school can be traumatic for many kids. Kindergarten will be a totally alien environment and will require more than just your love to drive the kids forward.

Self-esteem will make your little one’s warriors. Remind them that they are important and of great value and that nothing bad will happen in kindergarten.


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