Beware of Online ‘Smart Drugs’, Says Report

There is always a medicine available online for practically every conceivable health problem that you could have. They are known as Smart Pills or Smart Drugs, which are easily accessible online. They can promise you anything from a thinner body to a fitter mind to smoother skin.

Dangers of smart drugs

No matter how attractive and easy these online products may sound, a recent report has cautioned against their use. A national report published by the North West Public Health Observatory has said that these drugs could be dangerous, causing ill health and even death!

Online-Smart-DrugsThere is a desire within many of us to somehow stop the process of aging, to be more intelligent and perform better than peers. This desire is what has spawned an entire industry of such ‘enhancement’ drugs.

Some of these drugs were earlier prescribed for treating illnesses and as such were used for the reason they were created.

Now however a lot of these drugs have crossed over into an unregulated market and anyone can have access to them.

Since this marketplace is not regulated, untested, banned and even adulterated drugs become available to people. Even healthy people, who don’t need drugs, may end up using these drugs and this is what is worrying.

The dugs include artificial hormones, steroids, various weight loss drugs, drugs to enhance memory, and a whole lot of others.

How these drugs can negatively impact kids’ health

Smart drugs or cognitive enhancement drugs that are available online are sometimes used by students to get better grades in school or college. For instance the drug Modafinil is a drug used to treat sleeping disorders. But it can be bought online and teens can abuse the drug. Good thing there are many kinds of treatment for anyone dependent on drugs these days.

The drugs themselves, when prescribed for the right reason and used in the correct dose may be quite harmless. However there is no check on young people using drugs that is cause for worry. For instance, drugs originally meant for treating ADHD, may be used by students to improve their intellectual abilities.

When young people use these drugs unchecked and unsupervised, there is very real danger. A child can order the drug online and use it as he or she wishes, regardless of dosages. They can have banned or dangerous ingredients. There is the apprehension that addiction could result from this use. There is also the apprehension that there could be a permanent damage to developing brains.


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