Child Obesity Is About Fitness Not Looks Says First Lady

This concerned parent is not about how her girls look, but it is how the country’s first daughters are in terms of their health and fitness.

Michelle Obama has taken it upon herself to increase awareness and decrease obesity among America’s children because obesity goes directly to quality of life as she said on Larry King reported by this CNN article.

She spoke about overweight kids not being able to participate in gym and feeling left out, a concern that not about looks but over fitness and nutrition.michelle obama

She echoes a familiar story of a parent who did not realize the slide in the family’s nutrition and was shocked when the pediatrician pointed out the change in her girls. She recommends small changes to make a big difference:

  • smaller portion sizes,
  • more cooked meals,
  • a dessert ban on weekdays and
  • substituting sugary drinks with milk, water and fresh-squeezed juices.

Mrs Obama’s Lets Move Campaign is an admirable initiative; one that is trying to be implemented at the highest level, and which we can try and implement at our own level in our own way, in the interests of our own children.


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