Conduct Disorder in Children Symptoms

In case you are looking for the conduct disorder in children symptoms, you should know that this is a behavior disorder with specific destructive and aggressive activities. This is one of the most common mental health problems in the US, and it affects about 9% of boys and 2% of little girls.

conduct disorder in children symptoms

Information about the symptoms of conduct disorder in children

In order for this disorder to be diagnosed, the child has to have violated age-appropriate social rules and other people’s right for at least the past year. There are several groups of behaviors and the child has to fit in at least three of them: aggression to animals or people, lying, theft, property destruction and rule violations.

Aggression to animals or people

This becomes one of the conduct disorders in childrensigns if it involves frequent threatening and bullying, starting fights, the use of a weapon that could result in serious injuries, being physically cruel to animals or to people, engaging in theft and physical confrontation and forcing sex upon others.

Property destruction

When it comes to the conduct disorder in children symptoms, this is another symptom to think about. In this case, you have to think about setting fire to cause damage and destroying other people’sproperties without setting fire.

Theft or lying

The parents thinking about the signs of conduct disorder in children should keep an eye out for breaking into cars, buildings or properties belonging to other people, breaking promises or lying to avoid obligations or for gain, and stealing without physical confrontation.

Rule violations

This one of the conduct disorder in children symptoms appears before the age of 13 and it involves staying out late against the parents’ wish, running away overnight more than twice or for longer periods of time and frequent truancy.

Additional information about the children’s conduct disorder symptoms

If the symptoms are mild, it means that there are few problems with conduct. Moderate severity means that the conduct problems are between mild and severe. Severe means that there are many symptoms present of the ones mentioned or the behavior of the child may cause harm to the people around him or her.

Nobody said that it was pleasant, but the parents have to keep an eye out for the conduct disorder inchildren symptoms starting with the earliest stages for the safety of the child and the people around him or her.


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