Encouraging Your Tween To Lose Weight

Obesity levels among kids has more than tripled in the last three decades so clearly there is a cause to be very worried, and a strong call for parents to help their children lose weight and achieve good health.

Firstly, find out if there is a particular reason for your child being overweight. There could be factors other than just overeating and a sedentary lifestyle that may be responsible for the extra weight.

Conditions such as a thyroid disorder, a metabolic disorder, a genetic problem and depression are often the root cause of obesity and these require medical attention.

Secondly, when charting out healthy diets for children, remember that the same token as adults does not apply when it comes to children. Children need more calories than adults, and if they are put on the same diet for weight loss as adults, it could be that there are nutritional insufficiencies in that diet. So, healthy snacks and eating plans should be geared towards children in particular.

Thirdly, stress on exercise. Make it a lifestyle habit by introducing your child to a sport and making sure he or she participates regularly. Create a habit of exercising early in life that will stay with your child till adulthood and beyond.


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