Feeding Practices And Behavioral Traits Play Vital Role In Childhood Obesity

Health experts and clinicians view parental involvement as an important part of solving the childhood obesity.

It is very important for parents to choose right approach when trying to fight off childhood obesity.

Restrictive feeding practices or forbidding certain foods may not be helpful for solving the problem. Child’s behavior much similar to self control play vital role than parental restrictions to combat weight gain in children.obese kid

Stephanie Anzman, MS, and Leann Birch, PhD, of the Center for Childhood Obesity Research at Pennsylvania State University studied 197 non-Hispanic white girls.

They collected information from the girls and their parents over a 10-year period, beginning when the girls were 5 years old. In addition to recording their body mass index (BMI), the researchers asked the girls whether their parents restricted or forbade certain foods.

Source: Eurekalert


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