First Epileptic Seizures In Kids May Fuel Cognitive Problems

According to a recent study of American Academy of Neurology, children with normal IQ levels before experiencing first epileptic seizure may face thinking and cognitive troubles.

Philip Fastenau, PhD, Professor of Neurology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Neurological Institute of University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH, lead author of the study, says,””Our study highlights the importance of testing children with epilepsy for possible cognitive problems soon after they are diagnosed with epilepsy in order to avoid these issues affecting them later in life, especially if they have additional risk factors.”

kid reading

282 school aged kids with an IQ of minimum 70 and who experienced their first epileptic seizure within previous 3 months were involved in the study. They were then compared to 147 of their siblings without seizures.

Read full story at American Academy of Neurology


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