Four Tips For Your Newborn Health!

It is important to assess the newborn health for detecting any problems that are treatable in early stages.

It is advantageous to have health check for your newborn before you leave the hospital that includes the hearing check.

These tests could be daunting on your baby but it will give you peace of mind. Very often, the newborn health issues that are in early stages are treated better.

Health care center checks:

You can find free health care center nearer to your house, where you can get the free checks ups for your infants up to eight weeks.Newborn Health

During your visits, you can ask what every doubts you have about your child (rashes to crying to vomiting). In some cases, you can write a list of questions that you want to ask the health care provider before you visit the center.

Immunization is the essential protection that should be given to your baby. The newborns can be immunized at the health care center or by a GP at the time of:

  • Birth
  • Two months and
  • Four months.

Illness signs:

You can first notice when your baby is unwell as you are the person who will know the baby very well. If you observe any of these signs in your child, you have to call the doctor immediately.

  • Fever (a temperature more than 38 degrees C).
  • Any major skin discolorations, like yellowish eyes, red spots or yellowish skin.
  • Broken skin which looks inflamed, angry and red.

Four tips to keep your newborn healthy

1) Protection against germs for newborn health:

When your baby is very close to the germs, she may become sick and develop the fever. At this moment, you need to visit a doctor for treatment of your child.

To avoid this, you need to wash your hands before changing nappy, handling raw food, touching her when you come from shopping. Ask the person who has flu or cold to stay out of your child’s surroundings until he is free from germs.

2) Protect your baby’s ears for newborn health:

The ears of your baby are delicate, so you need to protect your baby from loud sound that is close to her. A permanent deafness can occur even by the innocent popping kiss on their ears.

A barking dog, blasting music or older child yelling in your child’s ear that is excited should not be allowed.

3) Air to the baby should be clean for newborn health:

To the non-smokers, the second hand smoke can lead to the health risk. You should protect your baby from the smokers in your house. You ask them to smoke outside the house.

The chemical household sprays like the cleaning products or insect repellents should be avoided, when your newborn is in the room.

The skin of the newborn babies is very sensitive to the baby sunscreen or the personal insect spray. To protect the baby from the sun, mosquitoes and flies, your baby should be provided with the best shelter.

4) Avoid unprescribed medications for newborn health:

To the newborns, the normal house hold medicines can be harmful. Even the cough medicine, decongestants and baby painkiller cause much harm than other medicines. It is important not to give the medicines to your baby that is not prescribed by the doctor.

The herbal remedies are also dangerous sometimes; therefore it will be better if you check these medicines with your doctor before you give them to your baby.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you in proper newborn health.


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