Healthy Diet for Kids

In case you are looking for healthy diet for kids, you should know that the basis is the same as in case of the diet of adults. The little ones must have vitamins, minerals, protein, fat and carbohydrates. The only difference lies in the amount of the nutrients that the kids need in case of different age groups.


Protein as part of the diet that is healthy for kids

This nutrient is very important for children, because it is the main fuel of their body.

It helps the muscles develop. In order to have enough protein in their diet, children should have seafood, poultry, lean meat, eggs, peas, beans, nuts, soy products and seeds.


The parents looking for kids’ healthy diet should make sure that their children have enough fruits (fresh, frozen, canned or dried). It is best to avoid fruit juices because usually they come with sugar, sweeteners and other chemicals. If the child does have juice, make sure that it is 100% home made.


Just as in case of fruits, the vegetables are also important for the healthy diet for kids. You can serve vegetables canned, fresh or frozen.

It is best to go for the dark green, orange and red vegetables along with peas and beans. The vegetables can be served as snacks as well.


When looking for the elements of children’s healthy diet, you should make sure that you offer the child whole grains. On the table, there should be some whole-wheat bread, popcorn, oatmeal, wild or brown rice and quinoa. There are a lot of different kinds of foods that you can prepare using them.


The dairy products are important for the healthy diet for kids because they are rich in calcium. Encourage the child to have low fat or fat free products like yogurt, milk, fortified soy beverages and cheese. There is almost no kind of food that you can’t add cheese to.

Other tips

It is good to know about the healthy nutrition of children that it shouldn’t have many calories from added sugar or fats, such as cocoa butter, soda, cake and pizza. The solid fats should be replaced by nut and vegetable oils that come with vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

It is not enough for the little one to have healthy diet for kids; he or she also needs to be active to stay healthy and happy.


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