6 Effective Ways to Keep your Sick Child Engaged

It is common for kids and babies to fall sick, get a cold, go down with fever or suffer from an allergy or infection. In most cases, sick kids can become very inactive and dull but it is important to keep them engaged so as to divert their attention from their sickness.

The more they think that they are not well, then more time will they take to recover. There are many ways to engage or involve ill kids and the followways to keep your sick child engageding are some of the most effective ones that you can follow:


1. Give them Coloring Books While in Bed

If the kid is asked to rest, then one way to keep him entertained is to hand him over a coloring book and some colors. Most kids love coloring and this is a good way for him to divert his mind from the discomfort or feeling of sickness. A coloring book can keep him engaged for atleast a few hours.

2. Read him a Story

Lie down with your child and read him his favorite story. This is a great way to keep his mind off the sickness and will transport him into the world of the story’s characters. Try to read out an interesting story to him or ask him to read it with you.

3. Let him Watch Cartoons/Shows

Another good way to keep the child engaged for some time is to let him watch a cartoon or a show on television. Make sure the cartoon is engaging and entertaining enough but be cautious about the duration for which the child watches TV. Do not allow him to watch TV for more than an hour at a stretch.

4. Invite Friends Over

Another superb way to keep your sick child entertained and engaged is to invite some of his friends over. Seeing friends over will not only take his mind off the sickness but will also help him pass a great deal of your time in fun and frolic.

5. Let him Play Video Games

If your child is feeling too tired or weak to play an outdoor game, it is a good idea to let him play a video game for a little while.

6. Talk to him

This may be a good time to have a nice talk with your child. Lie down with him and talk to him about his friends, his hobbies and other things which he likes to tell.


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