Keeping Kids Healthy At School

Consider the fact that dozens of children are closeted in a room for several hours a day 5 times a week and have the perfect recipe for viruses and infections of all kinds to spread.

So what can you do to keep your child safe and healthy at school?

  • Frequent hand washing is important: before eating, after going to the toilet, playing outside, blowing one’s nose etc.
  • A hand sanitizer is a good thing to carry to school, to use frequently particularly after using shared objects and before eating
  • Teach a child the proper way to sneeze or cough. Give the child a packet of tissues to carry along.
  • Teach the child not to keep touching their face.
  • Water bottles, food and personal items are best not shared with others; this also causes germs to spread.
  • Tell the child to avoid being with other kids who are sick.
  • Help your child build up immunity by eating healthy, getting enough sleep and getting lot of exercise.
  • Make sure that all your child’s immunizations are up to date.
  • Practice the same good hygiene habits at home as well.


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