8 Signs That Show Your Kid Is Exhausted

With school, extracurricular activities and time spent in front of the computer or in the company of friends, our kids become little walking agendas trying to squeeze rest between the many activities they try to accomplish.

The specialists talk about the ‘burnout’ phenomenon which mainly refers to physical and emotional exhaustion which appears easier in kids than in adults and sooner or later makes its presence felt in the life and school results of our children.

There are 8 main signs announcing this problem and parents should be on a look out for them.

1. The child is edgy all of a sudden regardless who is he talking to. He fights with you more often especially when school and homework are in question.

This becomes more obvious especially if something like this did not happen before.

2. The kid lost his enthusiasm for school and school related activities.

Try and follow his behavior and if you notice that he tends to oversleep in the morning or simply doesn’t hear or just ignores the wake up call you can be sure that something is wrong.

A child who didn’t have such issues before is most likely too tired to stay by the schedule.

3. If you see your kid fighting with his friends more often than usual you can consider that a sign too. Most children become frustrated by the achievements of their friends in case they are too tired to compete.

For example your daughter might get upset if her best friend had better results in a test that she did. If the situation remains constant you should be aware that the kid is actually angry because he cannot compete with his friends because he does not have the energy to do it.

4. The grades start to drop sometimes at one subject and in the worst cases at all.

5. You may have the surprise to hear at the next PTA meeting that the teachers are displeased with your kid’s behavior in class. You may hear that they think the child lacks motivation and even worse he ‘sleeps’ through classes he used to be very active in.

6. The kid starts to spend more time with the hobbies he enjoys. That includes spending longer hours playing video or computer games or watching TV until late at night.

7. For a while you hear the child complaining of headaches, stomach aches and lack of appetite. If you look at him during the nighttime you see that the sleeping position shows agitation. The bad sleep and appetite loss are signs that the chronic fatigue is installed so you better take the kid for a medical check-up.

8. Your kid is growing more cynical every day. Of course this is harder to notice in the case of teenagers but when a 7 year old kid starts protesting if you ask him to go finish his homework, a parent should be on a look out for the other signs.

A good kid you know to be responsible and eager to finish homework and go play will never express frustration if everything is fine with him.


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