Obese Infant Obese For Life?

We as a people are paying attention to childhood obesity perhaps like never before in the history of mankind and increasingly we are realizing that the seeds of obesity are sown in childhood and even in infancy, according to the researchers.

Yes a plump baby is quite adorable, but the fat babies are most likely to grow into overweight teens and then on to obese adults.

And then it’s a slippery slope downhill in to type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure according to a new study. The study suggests a “tipping point” in obesity that occurs even before age 2 among some kids and as early as age three months among others.obese infant

This seems to suggest that treatment for obesity should begin with prevention and that steps to that prevention ought to be a lot earlier than we earlier thought.

“Getting parents and children to change habits that have already taken hold is a monumental challenge fraught with roadblocks and disappointments,” the lead researcher was quoted as having said and that step was required to be taken early on in infancy to make any real change.


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