Parents Crucial In Managing Child’s Diabetes

According to a recent study, parental involvement in managing type 1 or juvenile diabetes is the key to control of the disease and prevention of further complications.

Yes, having a child with diabetes is distressing and difficult. However, when parents monitor the condition of their child closely, there is a better chance that children will take better care of themselves as well.

monitoring childOn the other hand, parents who show laxity in this regard tend to have a situation where the diabetes of the child is poorly managed.

The problems that could stem from juvenile diabetes can include:

  • Heart disease is one of the major medical issues that is connected with diabetes.
  • Kidney failure is something that can also result from acute or poorly managed diabetes.
  • In extreme cases, failing eyesight or blindness can also be a direct result of diabetes.
  • It has been seen that diabetes, if not properly managed, can cause the life expectancy to reduce by as much as 7 to 10 years.

Parents can do the following:

  • Measure blood glucose through the day
  • Administer insulin injections
  • Monitor how much fat and carbohydrates the child is eating
  • Monitor activity levels
  • Making sure proper medication is being taken

Source: US News


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