Top 5 Psychological Disorders In Children

There are a large number of psychological disorders which can affect children and it is very important for parents to know and detect if their child is suffering from any kind of psychological disorder.  To identify and detect these disorders, parents can look out for their symptoms as most psychological disorders have common signs and identifiers.  By detecting the disorder, parents may be able to help the child or take medical help for the same.

Psychological Disorders In Children

The following are the top 5 psychological disorders in children:

1.Anxiety disorder

One of the most common types of psychological disorder affecting children is anxiety disorder.  The main symptoms of this disorder are fear, uneasiness and worry.  Some of the common anxiety disorders are phobias, unrealistic fear of situations, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.  To treat these disorders, parents must opt for taking medical help as soon as possible.

2.Severe depression

This is another common type of a psychological disorder which affects many children.  This disorder tends to affect the emotions of children and makes them sad and discouraged. Depression can make a child feel worthless and un-important.  This disorder may lead to low appetite and change in sleep patterns of the child. This disorder must be treated as soon as possible as it may lead to thoughts of suicide in children.

3.Bipolar disorder

This is a disorder which is characterized by exaggerated mood swings which may come and go at quite a rapid pace.  To know whether or not your child is suffering from this kind of a psychological disorder, you can check whether the child is talking non -stop, not sleeping very much and showing poor Judgment. Bipolar disorder can lead to severe depression, if left untreated for a long time.


This is one of the most serious types of psychological disorders and some of the symptoms to detect this include the child not wanting to communicate or interact with any one.  Most cases of autism are detected before the child turns 3 years in age and if your child is banging his/her head on things, then it can be a clear sign.

5. Schizophrenia

This is a disorder which is seen in those children who hallucinate. They may lose contact with the real life situations and may even start to withdraw from people who are around them.  Being  delusional is another symptom of schizophrenia. Being delusional means having disordered thoughts and not being able to feel pleasure or happiness.

Help for psychological disorders in children

The following are some of the ways to treat psychological disorders in children:

  • The first step is to consult your child’s doctor. The doctor will order for a complete health examination of the child.
  • You must describe the child’s behavior and other symptoms which you have noted about your child.
  • Some specialists that you can seek help from are psychiatrists, psychologists and behavioral therapists.
  • In some cases some educators may also be required to help your child.

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