The Never Ending Child Measles Jab Debate Continues

For decades now, the threat to children from Measles and Rubella has been more or less eliminated.

The damaging effects from this very serious disease on our children disappeared and were seen as a huge success for worldwide vaccination programs.

Unfortunately, this has changed in recent years because fear has been created about the safety of immunization and the vaccine children receive.

Links between it and autism have not been proved; however, a minority of so called experts are using it to generate a growing number of parents opting out of community immunization.vaccination

The ease of which parents can opt out of state programs to vaccinate their children depends on where they live.

Some states are much more liberal than others, which mean that the possibility of a nationwide health scare is becoming increasingly likely.

High profile individuals such as actress Jenny McCarthy, who’s convinced that her son developed autism because of his measles jab, are having an impact. Increasingly experts are reminding people these jabs can cause crippling and sometimes fatal complications in babies.

Doctors like David Buchholz who is based at Queen Anne’s are worried about the amount of misinformation available to misguide parents.

Suddenly these professionals are spending a lot more time persuading people to vaccinate their children; thankfully, their advice is getting through.

The center for Disease Control and Research has spent millions of dollars researching the claimed link vaccines and the rise of autism case stateside. Nothing has been found yet doubts still linger and Measles is back with a vengeance.


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