Tips To Lower Obesity Risk In Your Child

Today if the administration and school authorities are sitting up and taking note of obesity rates among school going children, it is of course a good thing, but it may be a case of too little too late according to recent research.

More and more studies are now showing that the seeds of obesity are sown very early in life, perhaps as early as conception or even before that.

obese childEven as early as kindergarten the trend may be difficult to reverse it is suggested. Recent research is showing that:

  • Mothers who smoke when pregnant deliver small or underweight babies but may increase obesity risk of the child.
  • Many little babies may be putting on too much weight in the first few years of life. The cute little chub may not be that cute after all.
  • Babies who sleep more are less at risk. Babies who sleep less than 12 hours increase their chances of becoming obese later in life.
  • It is better to lose weight before than after pregnancy to lower risk factors relating to diabetes and obesity.
  • Breast feeding is recommended to lower obesity risk.
  • Weight control should ideally start before children reaches school going age, without in any way stigmatizing them.

Source: NY Times


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