Treatment of Conduct Disorder in Children

In case you are thinking about the treatment of conduct disorder in children you should know that the sad truth is that about 2-16% of all children are affected by problems of this kind. The problem is more common in case of boys than in case of girls and it usually appears during the early childhood.


The Children’s Conduct Disorder Treatment

The treatment depends on numerous factors, such as the age of the child, the severity of the problems, and the ability of the child to participate at different kinds of therapies. In the majority of the cases the treatment consists of a combination of psychotherapy and medication.


As it has been mentioned before, this is one of the treatments of children’s conduct disorder. In fact, it is a kind of counseling that is meant to help the child express and to control their anger in more acceptable manners. One of the therapy types is known as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Another option is to use family therapy.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

The main point of this treatment of conduct disorder in children is to reshape the way the child thinks to develop their problem solving skills and to help with anger management along with impulse control.

Family Therapy

When thinking about the remedies for conduct disorder in children, family therapy is an efficient way to handle the problem and to improve communication within a family. Parents could also think about parent management training that teaches them to alter the behavior of the child in a positive way.


The majority of parents don’t wish to think about this treatment of conduct disorder in children especially because there is no medication approved for treating problems of this kind. Nonetheless several different kinds of medication can be used to control the symptoms.

The problem can be accompanied by other mental conditions as well, like major depression or ADHD. The good news is that the medication used can help with these problems as well.

It’s not easy for a parent to be thinking about treatment of conduct disorder in children, but you have to remember that you are acting in the best interest of the child. The sooner you take measures, the higher the children’s chances are of a full recovery. However, the road to achieve your goals will be long and difficult.


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