What Parents Need To Know About Eating Disorders – Part 1

Jane Cawley who has worked tirelessly for several years to make eating disorders better understood has this to say about them to parents:

  • It is a misconception that eating disorders are a matter of choice. Binging and purging is a pattern that develops and quickly goes out of the control of the person with the disorder. They need not blame but help!
  • The Maudsley Parents website provides resources such as a list of treatment providers, an Ask the expert column, updates on latest research and even online conferences involving parentseating disorders
  • Eating disorders have telltale signs that parents should be watching out for: the child may become secretive, may start eating very small food portions or may cut out entire food groups. The child may be exercising excessive, or may have started to avoid family meals. There may also be anxiety or uneasiness about eating. There may be preoccupations with food and calorie counting.
  • If parents notice something amiss, they should get help from a doctor, educate themselves and not get scared or overwhelmed.
  • Eating disorders are not a choice and can be very isolating and miserable making. It can happen to anyone, and help not blame is required.

Source: Psych Central


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