Why Does My Child Grind Her Teeth At Night?

Some children as young as 10 months up to much older children will often grind or gnash their teeth in their sleep, which can be an awful sound to hear and may also trouble parents as to the underlying cause for this.

Why Does My Child Grind Her Teeth At Night

The actual sleep disorder is known as Bruxism and among most kids, this is a problem that will resolve itself over some time.Most children outgrow it by age.

It was thought earlier that a child grinding their teeth at night was a sign that they needed to be dewormed. However the possible causes for this could be:

  • It is suggested that anxiety or tensions in a young child’s life could be the cause of a troubled sleep and consequently grinding of teeth.
  • Teeth grinding could be a result of the child cutting new teeth and the discomfort that it brings.
  • Sometimes it is thought to be caused by misaligned teeth.
  • An earache or similar problem could also be the cause.

Unless there is actual damage to the teeth from the grinding or gnashing, such as cracks or fissures, there is really no need for corrective action to be taken. A dentist may in some case suggest a night-guard to limit teeth damage.


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