Why Does My Toddler Keep Catching Cold?

It seems to some of us, that our child is forever going about with a runny nose, or a stuffy nose resulting from what seems to be an interminable cold. There are many reasons for this:

  • Your toddler’s immunity system is still getting used to the various kinds of cold viruses in the air and there are some 200 of them so it will be a while before your child develops adequate immunity to all of them. [childhood illness]
  • Toddlers will typically not be bothered much by the dictates of good hygiene; there is likely to be a lot of rubbing of noses, and licking of fingers, and then there is the interminable curiosity of a toddler which have him putting his hand anywhere, picking anything and picking up just about anything.toddler health
  • On an average children get between 6 and 10 colds a year, so if your little one seems to have a perpetual cold, don’t worry about it; its par for the course!
  • If your child has just joined preschool or daycare then you may notice that the frequency of colds increases; and the number of colds a year may go up to 12 a year even!

So if it seems as though junior has a cold all winter long, it may just be part of growing up!


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