Being Understanding and Listening to Your Adolescent Stepchild

Teenage is a confusing time for the parents as well as the children, and if the teenager happens to be your stepchild, then it becomes a bigger challenge to you as a parent to establish an atmosphere of understanding and support to your teenage stepchild. Here you might be dealing with an adolescent who is hurt and rebellious and refuses to accept the step-parent as an authority figure. Patience is necessary and you need to work towards winning the respect of your teenage step child with your firm yet unwavering support to grow up into matured, able adults.

Listening to Adolescent Stepchild

1. Establish House Rules

Teenagers do not want to be bound in rules and will do all to break the rules. However letting your adolescent stepchild know what the rules are and the outer limits, together with what might be the consequences of breaking them will at least give them an idea of what is expected from them by way of discipline. Be firm and unemotional when you are laying down these ground rules and be consistent in the application of all that you have laid down

2. Be Communicative

Always be available for your teenager to lend an ear to their problems should they want to discuss something. You might not hit off famously with them right from the word ‘Go!’ but, at least your being there will make them feel they have someone to turn to whenever they do want to talk to someone.

3. Link up with the natural parent to establish some accepted behaviour patterns as well as solving certain issues that seem to just not work out with your intervention alone.

4. Do not involve in the arguments where natural parents are involved. If at all you have to speak in order to bring some kind of solution to the argument between your stepchild and their natural parents. Do so in an unbiased way without taking sides. Just state your honest opinion about the discussion at hand.

5. Offer guidance to your adolescent stepchild wherever he or she seems to be faltering or going the wrong way. Teenage is a confusing time for the child filled with self- doubt. Be a friend to your teenage stepchild and advise them on their concern areas like dressing up, career choice, friends and dating, studies and project. Your presence could be shunned in the beginning but will ultimately be appreciated.

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