How To Resolve Conflicts Between Siblings?

Are you worried about sibling conflicts? Siblings can be either best friends or worst enemies according to their temperaments, within no time.

It is quite common for you to face the consequences of sibling conflicts at any stage.

Here are a few tips that can help you to resolve conflicts between siblings:

  • Initially, if the problem is small, allow your kids to resolve conflicts on their own. Don’t try to interfere until the problem turns really serious.sibling conflicts
  • Never discuss the problems when both of your children are in an aggressive state. Tell them to calm down first, but never behave aggressively to resolve their conflicts.
  • Focus on the problem rather than who created the problem. Make your children focus on the solution for the problem instead of the source.
  • Patiently listen to each child’s version and help them to understand each other in better way. This can help to avoid further conflicts between siblings later in their life.
  • Try to restore their relationship and help them to realize the importance of relationships in life and also educate them to resolve conflicts in a better way. If nothing works, divert your children’s attention to other aspects.
  • Even though fighting between siblings can be frustrating, the differences in their opinions can help your children to have a chance to get to know others and themselves thoroughly as well.


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