Top 5 Reasons to have a Second Child

After the birth of the first child, most parents feel too overwhelmed to consider having a second one. The constant pressure, the change in lifestyle and the increased expenses may motivate most to not bring a sibling for the first baby but there are many reasons why this could be the wrong decision.

Having a second child has many benefits and advantages not only for you but also for your first child. The following are some of the top reasons why you must have a second child:

reasons to have a second child

1. They Learn to Share

Without a sibling, the first child may not learn how to share and how to be selfless. He’ll get used to having everything for himself and this may prove as a disadvantage in the future. Having a sibling will help your children to learn sharing, adjusting and compromising and these are some qualities which one needs as he/she grows up.

2. They Learn How to Protect

Having a small brother or sister will make your first child become protective, responsible and possessive. Thus having a second child can inculcate some important skills or qualities in the first one and these qualities may really prove helpful in the future.

3. You Won’t Need to Find a Playmate Elsewhere

Another reason why you must consider having a second child is because you won’t need to constantly struggle to find a playmate for your first one. Whether it is travelling or Sunday outings or camping, your first child will not say no to go anywhere just because of lack of company. This will also make him less cranky and more open to outings.

4. The First Child will Always have Someone to Talk to

Those children who do not have siblings often lack having that one person in life who they could talk to about everything including their friends, family matters, relatives and other things. The first child will always have someone to share feelings with if you have a second child. Many times children are not able to share all their thoughts and feelings with their parents and may need a sibling for it.

5. Festivals are Better

With a second child giving the first one company, festivals will be a lot more fun, joyous and worth celebrating. Festivals like Christmas and occasions like New Year are much livelier when you can see your child celebrating them with a sibling.


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