Tips for Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

Do your children seem to constantly fight and fuss with each other? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. Sibling rivalry is quite common and often unpleasant sight in many homes. After all, your children didn’t have any option to choose each other as brothers or sisters. So, it is quite common for them to fight with each other when they have misunderstandings.


Some people do not feel the need of dealing with sibling rivalry as they believe that it is merely an act of affection and love.

Even, it can significantly help to strengthen their emotions for difficulties in the real world. However, some people say that it only takes place when your kids are not brought up properly.

Whatever be the reason or cause behind sibling rivalry, as a parent it is your responsibility of dealing with sibling rivalry by teaching proper manners to your kids.

If you are really concerned or irritated with rivalry between your children, here are few tips to help you in dealing with sibling rivalry in an efficient way:

Separate your kids until they are calm!

When you notice that your children are fighting for some silly reason, try to separate them for sometime. At times, this tip works really well and it is always a best option to give some space for them for a little while. Else, the fight can escalate again and create a messy situation in your home. If you really want to make this as learning experience for your kids, wait until the emotions in your kids have died down.

Help your kids in resolving conflicts!

Instead of resolving the conflicts between your kids, teach them how to resolve conflicts on their own. Teach them how to compromise, respect each other and divide things fairly between themselves. Help them in developing conflict resolving skills, which will be useful in their personal and professional life in future.

Give them chance to express their feelings!

In a conflict, give chance to each of your kids to express their feelings about each other. If you feel that they have misunderstood each other, tell them facts. You can also help your kids to find words for their feelings. Teach them how to talk about their feelings without shouting or hurting others.

Use positive reinforcement!

When you notice appropriate, disciplined and good behavior in your children, let them know it. Give some rewards or praise their excellent behavior. Praise is an excellent tool for behavior management in kids, so don’t be afraid to dish out compliments.

Finally, it is very important for you to make your children realize about the consequences for both bad as well as good behavior. At times, it becomes essential for you to come up with fair punishment system. So don’t hesitate to punish your kids when they go extremes. At the same time, reward them with compliments and gifts, if they’ve really behaved well.


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