Traditional Family Produces More “Well Rounded” Children

A new British scientific report named “A Good Childhood” states that children accomplish most and develop best when they are part of a family with parents who have a clear and well defined long-term commitment.

The report prepared for the charitable group Children’s Society is the result of a two-year study.

One of its major findings was that children do less well in school and socially when both parents have full-time issues

The report also indicated that children from homes where the father is not present often produces high levels of anxiety, which can even last well into their adult life. According to the study over 30% of young teens do not have a father figure living in the home.

According to statistics over 50% of these children are more inclined to have poor exam results and be less socially popular with other children.

As well as being more inclined towards suffering from high levels of anxiety and as well as having higher levels of behavioral problems are far more likely to suffer from clinical depression.

The report recommends that the government fund parenting classes to assist in all kinds of family situations. As well as calling for schools to prepare what they call “emotional report cards” to indicate how well a child interacts with other children and their general social behavior around their peers.


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