15 Hot Celebrity Dads We All Love and Admire

Hot Celebrity Dads

Celeb dads are quite a treat to watch especially because they are always on their best behavior in front of the camera.

Most of the male stars from Hollywood are somehow changed the moment they become parents and no matter how fun they seem as bachelors they surely are adorable in the daddy role.

The Hollywood celebrity dads are mostly involved in daily life of their kids and surprisingly they do not mind seeing themselves on the cover of the magazines holding their kids and doing the regular stuff all regular dads do.

1. Will Smith


Cute and funny but also quite a role model as a father, Will Smith is the realistic proof how a celebrity hunk and famous singer can manage to spend a lot of time with his kids.

Not only that his kids say that dad is fun to hang out with but it seems he is eager to help his young on the path of celebrity. Willard Christopher Smith III, the son from his first marriage was part of Will’s music video while the kids from his second marriage played with him in his movies.

Jaden Christopher Syre co-starred with his dad on “The pursuit of happiness” while Willow Camille Reign proved she had talent in “I am legend”.

2. Ben Affleck


Father of two of the cutest little girls in Hollywood, Ben Affleck is for sure a changed man since he became a parent.

The handsome actor is a sworn family man and if extreme sports and hanging with friends was his thing before he met Jen now walking and taking care of Violet and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth are his second nature.

Ben is the type of man not afraid of celebrity and all that comes with it, still he likes to keep his family affairs private and his wife shares his opinion.

3. Michael J Fox


Michael J Fox is a proud celeb dad. With 3 amazingly beautiful daughters and a son after his own heart, the actor can say he lived to the fullest with the experience of being a dad.

Sam Michael, Aquinnah Kathleen and Schuyler Frances (the twins) and Esmé Annabelle the youngest are the living examples of good kids who share the heart and disposition as well as the cool and strong personality of their famous dad.

4. Jude Law


Jude Law is for sure one of the sexiest Hollywood male figures and the daddy role makes him even cuter. In spite of not being able to stay put in his love life, his four kids, three from the marriage with Sadie Frost and one from his relationship with Samantha Burke, are part of his life. It’s good that Sienna Miller does not have a problem with that.

5. Matthew McConaughey


Daddy of a boy and a girl, Matthew McConaughey is surely in his element being a parent. Levi and Vida are both amazing and their dad can only be proud to call them his own.

Matthew is the one we all thought would see die a bachelor. Apparently it took a beautiful fashion model and a true love story to transform him to one of the most lovable Hollywood celeb dads.

6. Hugh Jackman


Hugh Jackman is for certain an example to follow for any dad. Cute and fit, a really outstanding person in professional and personal life, and an example of how a parent should be, he is so proud of being a dad.

Oscar and Ava are the two kids he and his wife adopted. Who ever saw Hugh in his tough action hero roles would not believe that this handsome man is actually an amazing father and husband.

7. David Beckham


International soccer star and said to be faithful husband to wife Victoria, David Beckham is for sure one of the cutest celeb dads in the world. Handsome hunk and devoted parent is certainly a role that suits him exactly as much as the one of the soccer hero.

8. Matt Damon


Pretty much accustomed to play a handsome hero out to solve the conspiracy of the world, Matt Damon seems to be quite ready to take on the challenge of being a handsome daddy to his two beautiful girls. Isabella and Gia are a cute challenge for his skills.

9. Brad Pitt


If we are to consider the number of kids a celeb dad can handle, Brad Pitt is the one holding the record. Maddox and Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, Vivienne and Knox are quite a handful for Brangelina couple. Brad seems to take very seriously the role of being father to a huge bunch of kids.

10. Matthew Fox


Matthew Fox sure does not look lost around his kids. Kyle and Byron are truly the center of his universe and this dreamy dad does it best to make their dreams come true. The role as a parent seems to be fitting the profile of this silent handsome fellow.

11. Seal


Seal is the living example how you can make it as a dad and be successful at it, no matter what. Father to Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou he seems to have completed the task to have a large family.

12. Johnny Depp


The wild spirit of Johnny Depp seems to be tamed by the cuteness of his father feature. Sweet like always but also somehow changed in the presence of his kids, Captain Jack Sparrow looks amazing as a celeb dad.

13. Clive Owen


Clive Owen is perhaps one of the most attractive men in the Hollywood world. Known for playing characters that conquered the hearts of the women, Clive is doing beautifully as a two daughters’ daddy. Hannah and Evie are the ones lighting up his conquering smile.

14. Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler is the funny man we know and love who has amazing fun being a daddy. Sadie and Sunny are the little girls that make him be a proud father.

15. Ben Stiller


Ben Stiller is another funny man of the screen who is making it happen as a daddy. Quilin is so cute and who knows maybe he will grow up to be as cute as his dad.

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