The Most Common Health Problems in Infants

If you are an expecting parent, then you must be prepared for childbirth or delivery and also for the various health problems that your baby may have to go through soon after birth. Infants are susceptible to several types of health problems and infections.

In most cases, these conditions may subside after a while but one must pay a lot of attention and take a lot of care of the baby to make sure no signs of the conditions remains after the treatment. The following are the most common health problems in infants:

common health problems in infants

Birth Injuries

One of the most common problems that may take place in infants is birth injuries.  If the labor is long or when babies are a little large in size, then certain injuries can take place. In most of the cases, babies recover from these injuries soon enough but in some cases, the condition can persist.


Another common health ailment which babies or infants may suffer from is jaundice.  Jaundice is a condition in which healthy newborns have a slightly yellowish tinge in their skin and eyes.  There is nothing to worry if your baby has jaundice since it is very common and goes away after a few days. It is caused due to the chemical buildup of bilirubin in the blood of the child.  It is a condition related to an immature liver.

Respiratory Distress

After the birth, it may take the baby some time to have a normal respiratory or breathing pattern.  Some babies may also have fast breathing, persistent blue skin coloring, flaring of the nose and grunting while breathing among others. If any of these conditions take place, then you must ask the doctor to take special care of the infant.


Infants may often cough a lot which happens due to drinking milk or water too quickly.  The coughing must stop once the baby adjusts to the feeding routine but if it persists, then you must consult your pediatrician.  Excessive coughing may indicate an underlying health problem or issues in the lungs or digestive tract.

Blue Baby

In many cases, babies tend to have blue feet and hands and this condition is called blue baby and happens due to cold temperatures.  The color must get back to normal as the body adjusts to the outside temperature.

Though some of these problems gets away on their after a time, but it is always better to get the opinion of the doctor if you find anything different or serious.


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