Tips to Buy the Best Infant Car Seat

Installing an infant car seat is an indispensable thing to do even before your baby is born, as you have to take the baby home in a vehicle, with a baby car seat securely fixed in the car. As children are more prone to be injured in crashes or accidents, attaching an infant car seat goes a long way in protecting them from getting harmed.

In many states the law instructs, to have the babies seated safely in an infant car seat fixed, according to the various stages of their age. It is advisable to start searching for the right car seat for your baby well before he or she is born.

infant car seat

Infant car seats are primarily divided into 3 categories:

Infant Car Seats

The baby or infant car seats should always be rear facing and should give proper support to the baby’s head and neck when she is travelling for longer periods. The infant seats generally come with tiny pillows to support baby’s head from shaking about. The infant car seats can be used till the baby reaches the weight limit of 22 to 35 pounds and then you can change her to convertible seats.

Convertible Car Seats

The convertible seats have the advantage of dual functioning as rear facing seats for infants and frontward facing seats for toddlers. Most of the latest models are designed to keep the baby of weight  up to 40 pounds, rear-facing and weight up to  70 pounds, forward facing. Although, experts suggest that it is safest to hold your baby in a rear-facing seat, right until the age of 2 years.

Belt Positioning Booster Seats

These seats are meant for kids with a minimum age of 4 years, and they use the normal car lap and ensure the safety of the child with shoulder belts. These are available as backless boosters as well and you can use them if your car seats have proper head support.

Even after buying the best car seat for your baby, if you are not taking optimal use of it, then the basic safety purpose is not served. While using a car seat for a child, you need to follow the following measures:

  • With your car’s seat belt system, you need to attach the child seat securely to the car seat, else in case of a crash the seat itself will be thrown forward.
  • The child should be strapped properly with the lap belts and shoulder belts once he or she is seated in the infant seat.
  • Always keep the infant safety seat at the back of the car and never put it in the front if the airbag system of your car is active.
  • Most importantly, try and select the baby car seat with sufficient safety attachments and is  ideal for your child’s size, age and the type of vehicle you are using.

You cannot  take a chance on the cost of your baby’s safety and as a parent, it is your prime responsibility, to ensure the security of your child, by using a proper car seat while travelling.


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