Yummy Recipes for Tiny Tots!

Getting your infants and toddlers to eat solid food can be a difficult task but some nice and tasty recipes can help you provide your child with a variety of nutrients and also encourage your toddler to self-feed. Below given are some easy and healthy recipes for infants and toddlers which would be loved by your little tots. Make sure to finely smash the ingredients of these recipes so that your child can easily consume them.

yummy recipes for tiny tots

Grilled Cheese and Shredded Meat

Prepare a grilled cheese sandwich. Cut this sandwich into small pieces and soften it by heating it in an oven. Add finely cooked meat pieces in the sandwich and serve when cooled.

Twin Rice Balls

Puree cooked rice until it gets a paste like consistency. Add fruits or veggies to this and mix properly. Shape this mixture into balls and serve these balls to your children. You can also add properly cooked meat to these balls instead of fruits or veggies.

Baby Meat Balls

Place ground chicken into a mixing bowl and add cereal to the mead. Add pureed veggies or fruit to the mixture and mix everything together. Make small balls of this mixture and bake in an oven at 400 degrees. Serve when cooled.

Rice Porridge

Cook a bowl of rice and add the cooked rice to boiled milk. Smash a little and make the rice particles smaller. Add apples or banana pieces to this mixture of rice and milk and make sure that this mixture is cooked down. You can add more rice if your child likes thick food over liquid.

Mac n Cheese

Boil macaroni and cheese sauce in separate pans. Add a little salt to the cheese sauce. Boil small meat pieces and add to the cheese sauce and add the boiled macaroni to it. Smash a little so that the macaroni is suitable to be eaten by a toddler.

Smashed Potato

Boil a medium sized potato till it gets cooked properly. Remove the peel and smash the potato. Add butter and salt to it. Add soft bread crumbs to the smashed potato and fry it without oil. Serve this to your child when cooled.

Classic Fruit Salad

Peel and chop the fruits of your child’s choice. Make sure you remove the seeds. Mix all the chopped fruits and add fresh cream to it and mix well. Your toddler would relish this salad as a dessert.


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