Rieker Shoes – All Time Favorites

Some people think that shoes are just shoes, but if you choose the right product, you will realize that shoes can be a lot more. These are the items that can make your life easier or harder, depending on the decisions you make when you are looking for a new pair.

rieker shoes

Rieker Shoes

It is a known fact that the company has been around for over 130 years now, so they are supposed to know a thing or two about shoes. The first factory was opened in Germany back in 1874. It was able to maintain its position on the market due to the fact that it has always been controlled by the family and no outsider could get their hands on it to turn it into a “commercial” company.

Modern or Outdated?

The problem with the majority of the old companies is that the models they produce haven’t been trendy for years now. This is not the case of the Rieker Shoes. While there are some classic models that older customers might like, there are also modern designs for the younger generations.

The Store

The majority of the stores that carry the brand are furnished in a way that is just perfect for the possible customers. There are a lot of comfortable seats and numerous mirrors for you to have a look at the merchandise that you will buy. The staff is always helpful and well informed to help you make the best decisions possible.

Being Modern

In order to increase their sales, the company has some online stores as well, such as Bells Shoes, which makes shopping even more comfortable and less time consuming.

Price Tag

You may be familiar with the fact that all high quality products come with relatively “unfriendly” price tags. However, if you start to think about it you will realize that shoes represent a long term investment. If you have good shoes your feet won’t hurt anymore and you won’t need new ones too soon.

What’s Special about These Shoes?

The first thing that the majority of the customers notice is that the shoes are lighter than the other models. Another aspect is that the shoes snug fit and they don’t allow the foot to slip or move in the shoes. The best thing about the shoes is that they are flexible, so they allow the feet to move naturally. All the shoes have thermoplastic soles, which add to their value.

Photo Credit By: shoesbymail.co.uk


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