Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents – Young and Old

Anniversaries are great occasions to express appreciation for our parents. We look at anniversary gift ideas for parents – whether you’re a youngster yourself wishing to show appreciation for your parents or whether you are a parent yourself, wanting to do something to make your parents’ special day a little more so.

Anniversary gift ideas for younger parents

One of the anniversary gift ideas for parents that really work is anything handmade. A child who takes the time and makes the effort to make something – a card, a craft item, a display piece is sure to be appreciated. Older kids can bake a cake or cook a meal to make their parents feel special on their special day.


Saving up pocket money to buy flowers or a memento can also be a touching gesture that parents are sure to appreciate.

Kids can offer gifts in kind as well – offer to do chores around the home for a duration. Offer to do the laundry for a month or rake the leaves for a couple of months and so on.

Another anniversary gift idea for parents can be to create wedding photo books which could include photos from their wedding and anniversary photos as well. To show before and after. This would be a great keepsake for mom and dad to cherish. Gather photos of the family over the years such as: special occasions, trips out of town, old photos, photos of special people, pets and so on.

If you are an old enough and techno-savvy enough child, you can also take old movies and home videos and digitize them; making CDs out of them.

Anniversary gift ideas for parents who are older

For older parents you obviously have to take a different tack: older couples may have different preferences and needs.

Think of any hobbies that your parents may have. If one or both parents enjoy golf, you can think in terms of a new set of golf clubs, or a membership to a golf club and so on. If parents enjoy cooking, you could think in terms of a set of pots and pans or healthy cookbooks or a subscription to a cookery channel etc.

For older couples with health issues you could think of practical gifting ideas such as a voucher for a health checkup. Other practical anniversary gift ideas for parents could include a blood pressure measuring machine, a device to measure blood sugar and so on. Heating pads, massage machines and pain relieving devices could be other practical gifts that may be valued for their thoughtfulness.

A weekend getaway, a holiday or a spa gift voucher can be another great anniversary gift. If your parents are also grandparents they may really appreciate spending time with their grandkids or a family get-together – if so think in terms of sending tickets for them to come on over for a visit to spend some quality time with their grand children.

Another really practical but highly useful of our anniversary gift ideas for parents, could be a health insurance policy with some of the premiums prepaid.


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