Co Parenting After Separation To Have Positive Effect On Children’s Development!

Co parenting is not a new concept but it’s a new terminology. A couple that is equally involved and cooperative in the parenting of their children practice co parenting on a daily basis.

Co parenting is also used to describe divorced or separated parents who are sensitive to their child’s distress and who learn techniques that avoid putting children in the middle.

If the problems are too difficult to overcome, divorce is sometimes the result of marriage.

If you are taking divorce, it does not mean all ties are detached with other party especially when children are involved.Co Parenting

According to the studies, children growing up with single parents have an increased risk of experiencing cognitive, social and emotional problems.

Role of nonresident parent! Single parent find it more difficult to function effectively as parents especially when children do not live with them full time. The role of resident parent, mostly mother, is to promote child’s well being.

But the role of nonresident parent is also very important. If nonresident parents are closely involved in child’s lives, they have higher academic achievements and few emotional and conduct problems.

Many nonresident fathers are minimally engaged with their children which can lead the children to lose contact with their fathers. It is one of the painful outcomes of divorce.

Children succeed when their parents have a co parenting relationship and agree on the rules and each other’s decisions. Children learn moral values and social norms if there is consistency between parents.

Benefit of co parenting! Benefit of co parenting is the modeling of interpersonal skills, such as resolving disputes, showing respect, and communicating.

When parents live in separate households, co parenting is not possible because parents are not engaged and communicated with each other.

Children are prone to stressful experiences when they live with single parent than children living with married parents. Therefore it leads to emotional stress and reduced capacity to function in schools and family roles.

If a child observes conflicts between parents, they become stressful and feel that they are caught in the middle. Co parenting responsibilities apply to all parents whether they are married or divorced.

Co parenting can be made successful by understanding between each other and putting negative feelings aside for the sake of child.

While co parenting, parents need to share the information pertaining to their child. You and your spouse can develop own parenting styles regarding your child. Co parenting is an option that works for families to help reduce the suffering.

If you are a non-custodial parent, make your home safe for your children. You should not use bad words on the other parent.

Children need guidance, values and standards to govern their own lives. Co parenting helps them to teach these things. Both parents should motivate your child toward success in all they do.


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