Effects Of Divorce On Child! How to Comfort Your Child During The Process?

Every year, more than one million children are experiencing the divorce of their parents.

The effects of divorce on child can be just as difficult as the death of a parent.

Your entire family should be adjusted to new way of life.

Love is needed!

Children need love, guidance and patience from you and your partner to help them.

If you plan carefully and communicate properly, it helps in reducing the negative effects of divorce on child and family.Effects of Divorce on Child

According to the research, children always need both parents actively involved in their lives regardless of both parents live in same house or not.

Behavior with each other is important!

The most important factor in effects of divorce on child is how you and your spouse treat each other and your children during and after the divorce. You should work with the other parent to make transitions as easy as possible for every one.

Regardless of differences between you and your spouse, you have to concentrate on child’s needs first to reduce the effects of divorce on child. Children have faithfulness and trust to both parents, so never force a child to take sides.

Don’t involve your child!

Don’t involve your child in arguments between you and your spouse. Avoid criticizing each other in front of your child as it will cause the child to have uncertainty with whom they can trust. Do not fight in front of children. The effects of divorce on child increase with these issues.

Spending time with other parent!

Allow your child to spend time with other parent without making your child feel guilty or disloyal to you. It helps in respecting relationship between your child and other parent. When one parent leaves, the effect of divorce on child increases because the child fears that the other parent also leaves which causes insecurity in the child.

You have to reduce the effects of divorce on child by reassuring your child that you and the other parent still love him even though the child will be living with one parent at a time. Allow your child to show his love to both parents.

Maintaining strong relationship with your child!

One of the most important ways to reduce the effects of divorce on child is to help him maintain a strong and loving relationship with both parents. Many divorced parents feel guilt associated with divorce and have difficult time disciplining the children when required.

Emotional support is required!

It is difficult to provide emotional support especially during this difficult time. The effects of divorce on child can be anger or difficult behavior to cope with the divorce. Set sensible limits and a routine. Your child will understand what to expect each day and can be comfortable.

It can take up to two years to adjust to changes caused by divorce and to reduce the effects of divorce on child. Explain to your child why you are divorcing. Be honest. But, don’t burden them with your complex issues.

Children feel that the parents stop loving them because they stop to love each other after divorce. You explain them that love between a parent and child is different from love between parents. You stress that you never stop loving them. This reduces the effects of divorce on child.

As your child grows, you can ask whether they have any concerns or questions. You can ask about the changes brought by divorce.

If you talk about the divorce and the feelings associated with it on semi-regular basis, it will help provide an environment that is nurturing and emotionally supportive thus reducing the effects of divorce on child.


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