Get To Know Parenting Plan And What It Covers

Parenting plan also known as custody agreement is required to couples who plan to divorce. It is important to avoid future conflict on both party’s interest.

In parenting plan, rules and guidelines apply to make sure the children are not abandoned. Specific agreements should be issued to avoid law enforcers to make decisions on what’s best for the children.

Here are some important factors covered by parenting plan:

Physical custody

Just because you separated ways doesn’t mean one of you should avoid contact with your kids.

It is strictly imposed in a parenting plan that both parents should commit physical time with the children. This includes vacations, school activities and personal time to bond with each other.

Legal custody

Parenting plan covers legal custody of the children. A lot of issues are to be tackled when deciding custody including ability to support the child and drug addiction. If one parent is alcohol dependent or have problem keeping sober, this will affect the result of custody.

Vacations and school breaks

Vacations are covered by parenting plan. Parents will decide who keeps the children on certain school breaks and vacations. They should come up with an agreement that will benefit them both and the children.

Child support

Child support should be covered by both parents. In older times, parenting plan requires the husband to give monthly or annual support for the children. Nowadays, who ever makes more money or depending on prenuptial agreements, both are responsible to equal child support.

Visitation rights

Parenting plan gives big emphasis on visiting rights. The one who didn’t get the custody rights should be awarded a visitation right. Depending on the circumstances, visiting rights may be revoked in the course of broken agreement.

Mutual decision making

Both parents have equal rights to the children at the start. Parenting plan lets both parties to come up with an agreement on who makes all the final decisions on whatever is best for the child.

Contact with relatives or significant others

Both parties should agree on the limits where children can communicate with their respective parents’ relatives and new acquaintances.

There may be instances where the child doesn’t want to talk to certain people in your family circle. Cases like this should be discussed properly to avoid conflict.


Parenting plan is all about the children’s welfare. Have your lawyer tackle this matter to know what goes to the children and to the ex wife. Make sure taxes and wills are properly and clearly indicated, discussed and finalized.

Parenting plan allows you to give the best interest for your children during hard times. Make sure you make them feel loved and they are not the cause of any disagreements and conflicts.

Allow enough time to explain to the children the things that are going to change during this process. When trying to explain, do not treat them like children but treat them like grownups. They have every right to know everything that is going on.


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