Reduce Anxiety In Child When A New Baby Enters Into The Picture!

The love and happiness that your first child brought into your life is beyond measure. You are expecting another child now.

The thought of sharing mom and dad with new baby can be unsettling for your young child.

Older child feels rejected! When a new baby comes into picture, your old child’s world is destroyed.

Up to now, you had paid all the attention to your young child. Now they feel rejected and jealous because you spend time with new baby.Anxiety In Child

Child feels insecured! It is natural that young children feel insecured with the arrival of new baby. Anxiety in child develops. You have to think in your child’s point of view and support child in all aspects.

Your child thinks why you left home for several days, why you are staying at the hospital, what you are doing there and when she will come back. And when you return home with new baby, they are upset.

Ignoring older one! Every one concentrates on new baby and ignores him. Anxiety in child increases when he feels neglected. This does not mean to make you feel guilty to have second child. But, you have to reduce anxiety in child and understand his feelings. You should talk to him before the arrival of new child.

Explain about new baby! If your child is older to understand, you can explain him about the new baby and prepare him. You can tell him that a baby is growing in your body and will come home to live with them. Support child on becoming a big brother and reduce anxiety in child.

If your child is very young to understand about the arrival of new baby, you can minimize the worry of your child. Do not make big changes for your child.

Hold off the potty training or moving him from crib to bed. Make the changes well in advance but don’t make it in hurry. If you are doing all the things in front of your child in a hurried way, anxiety in child develops.

Don’t oppose your child’s actions! Reduce anxiety in child by keeping as much of his life as familiar at the time of baby’s birth.

You should not say such as “don’t touch the new baby’s face”. You should not warn “don’t take that from the baby”. If you oppose for every action, anxiety in child increases. Rather you can explain in a soothing way like “touch the baby gently as the baby is very little”.

For reducing anxiety in child, positive words help. You should say praising words to the child and encourage him. You can reduce the anxiety in child by involving in care of new baby. Children enjoy helping their parents. You can ask him to bring the diaper for new baby.

Spend time with older child! You can also ask your friends or family members to watch the newborn and spend time with your older child. While feeding your new baby, you can tell stories or sing songs for older child.

If you are giving importance to older child, anxiety in child is reduced. Definitely it will take time for your child to adjust to the new baby. Be patient and positive with your older child as they will become attached sooner with new baby.


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