Relay Parenting Putting Strain On Relationships

Parents are spending more time with their children but less time with each other, according to a Government report.

The rise of “relay parenting” means couples could face more problems in their relationship.

The Cabinet Office study found parents were now placing a greater emphasis on being with their child and educational activities.

With couples’ combined working hours increasing, it is often the case that parents spend time with their children individually, rather than as a family. This means less “alone time” for parents.

The study found that in the UK, the working hours of women with and without partners has gone up since 1997. The report concluded there was no such thing as a “typical” family any more.

Stepfamilies are one of the fastest growing families, while a quarter of families have just one parent, the study found.

Speaking at the event, Sun columnist Deidre Sanders said: “There is no such thing as a typical family, they can come in all sorts of guises.

“What really matters is having strong relationships between parents, be they living together or living apart, over raising children.”

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