Top 10 Tips To Help Your Child If He/She Is Bullied

At some point in their life, children pass through the phase of being bullied. It is that phase where they themselves fear telling anyone about the happenings. To take the child out of the fear of bullying is also a difficult task as they start fearing everyone. Although, there are different ways through which this situation could either be avoided or faced fairly.

Top 10 Tips To Help Your Child If He/She Is Bullied

Below are 10 tips mentioned to help a child from bullying:

  • If the child is being bullied at the basic level, then have a talk with the teacher and understand the root cause of the problem. The school nowadays has a separate section dealing with such kind of issues. In addition, make your child understand that if something like that happens, they should inform the school department immediately.
  • Make your child positive about things. When a child is young, try to teach him/her a gentle behavior so that they don’t trouble anyone and don’t get troubled by anyone.
  • Talk to your child every day. This is an important practice parents should maintain about asking how their day was. This would encourage the child to tell about the happenings of the day.
  • Tell your child to help everyone. Therefore, in this situation, if anyone else is being victimized, then they could be helpful to him or her.
  • Make your child learn some of the phrases that would help them to use when needed like “I will tell the teacher about it”, “I will tell your parents” etc. Such sentences could really save your day.
  • Encourage your child to stand up for such situations. It is important for the kid to defend himself if something wrong is happening to him/her. Therefore, telling them about things and encouraging them to take a step against it could be another helpful step in teaching the child.
  • Educate your child about these things. Let the child know what exactly a bully is and what are the preventive measures to be taken if something like that comes up.
  • If there is any severe case of bullying that has happened, then it should never be taken lightly. Always report about it and let other people also know about the scenario, so all children know about the consequences of such an act.
  • In school, teachers should have some activities scheduled during school hours. Then having some role-play for the scenario depicting bully and then finding ways to prevent it.
  • In the end, always support your child in any such case. Because the child may become a bit sensitive during such a period and may need moral support. Ask your family members and friends to be friendly with him and encourage him about things as well.
  • Being bullied is the worst experience any child could get. Then getting a lesson and working against it could help the person to know and understand the whole problem. If the child gets full- family support, then there is no other encouragement needed.


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