Helicopter Parenting vs. Free Range Parents

Raising children responsibly and into mature adults is something that all parents dream of and try to achieve throughout their lifetime. But parenting is not that easy and comes with several challenges.

In order to meet this challenge, several styles of parenting have come up, each with its own sets of benefits and of course disadvantages. Two of the most popular parenting styles include helicopter parenting and free range parenting.  If you wish to know more about them and the comparison between the two, you can go through the following given information.

helicopter parenting vs. free range parents

Helicopter Parenting

Also known as over parenting and hyper parenting, this is a parenting style in which parents rarely let their kids go out of sight but this may not be to form a strong bond but rather to prevent any problems or obstacles for the child.  Helicopter parents are a little too concerned about the safety and security of their kids and this can be both positive and negative.

While it is true that spending too much time will help parents and children develop a strong bond and a close relationship but at the same time, this style of parenting is considered an extreme form of overprotecting as well. It is criticized for being fear based and does not allow children to be independent or take decisions for themselves.

Free Range Parenting

Free range parenting style is a parenting method which is the exact opposite of helicopter parenting. In this style, parents wish to or aim to preserve the traditional approach towards parenting and allow the children to enjoy freedom to a certain level.  They do not constantly worry that something wrong will happen to the kids and are not too extreme as far as spending time with children is concerned.

This form of parenting helps children to learn from their mistakes and experiences and make them much more independent than in the case of helicopter parenting. This style gives children their own space and let them become confident and self-reliant. On the other hand, free range parenting can be slightly dangerous due to some level of neglect that may come in and can prove harmful for the children.

Both styles have their pros and cons and it depends upon you as a parent which one do you select for your children, keeping in mind how you want to bring them up.


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