Help Your Child To Be More Intelligent With A Few Simple Tricks

All parents want to make sure their child is as smart as possible. Every parent wants their children to be smart and successful.

If you are in search of ways that you can help build brain power for your child, consider the following tips and tricks that may help.

While nothing is going to increase your child’s IQ overnight, many of these ideas have proven to be effective over time.

Foods That Help To Increase Brain Power

The trend with many parents today is to provide healthy brain food for their children. While there are several books and diet plans on the market today that claim to increase brain power, the concept is actually very simple.child reading

In order for your child’s brain to function effectively it needs the same thing that rest of their body does.

A diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals will provide your child with the fuel they need for learning.

Follow the food pyramid when planning meals and your child will have all the foods needed for high intelligence.

Reading Is a Major Player in Developing Intelligence

While movies and educational television shows can teach your child, recent studies show that reading is much more effective. Children retain much more of what they read than what they see.

Make sure your child has a large supply of books available that cover a variety of topics. You can also use a chart to reward your child based on the number of books they read. Set weekly or monthly goals that will help your child stay motivated to read.

Encourage Imagination and Creativity

When children use their brain to imagine and be creative it stimulates learning. Simply setting down with your child and making up a story or drawing pictures will stimulate their mind to stay active.

Encourage your child to join in activities that require brain power to complete. You might try to find classes in your area for music, art, or creative writing.

Limiting the amount of time spent watching television or playing video games can also be helpful. These activities require very little imagination or creativity of your child and can actually lead to hours of very low brain activity. Replace these activities with activities such as puzzles or educational board games.

Reward Your Child for Learning New Things

As a parent you can develop a plan of learning for your age based on their age. For example, you might encourage your 7 year old to learn addition or your 5 year old to learn their ABC’s.

Decide what is important for their age bracket and then set up a reward system for learning. You might reward your 7 year old when she learns all of her ones, twos, and threes, or your 5 year old when she learns her first 10 letters in order. Make sure the reward is motivating for your child and you will be amazed at how hard they work at it.


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