How To Make Kids Feel Good About Themselves?

There can be no doubt that children too suffer from low self esteem, like adults do. A child who has lowered self esteem will not be able to go too well in school, or socially.

Remember; self confidence and self esteem is your child’s passport to a lifetime of excellent mental health and social happiness, and these are the essentials of a successful career and successful life in his future.

Here are some tips for you to help build up self confidence so that your child can feel good about himself:self confidence

  • Self image is the way your child looks at himself. When he looks in the mirror and sees what he likes, he is happy. When he looks within himself and likes what he sees, then he is a self confident person. To achieve this, you must help him think of himself as a person who is worthy of being loved. It is when there is a lack of a good self image that problems start to crop up in your child’s life.  Your child must therefore be taught to value himself, get along with others, and to perform well at school, and these values are often based on his own self image, or how he sees himself. To achieve this, you must listen to his cries when he is an infant: the more number of times you have responded to his cries, the more self worth he will have.
  • Are you sure you are a confident person? Do you have demons from your past haunting you and threatening your self worth? If you think there are, seek help for yourself first, because these may be interfering with your ability to parent your child well.
  • Make sure your child knows that you look upon him as a self confident and worthy person; your child often looks to you for cues, and if he feels that his parent does not love him as much as he is supposed to, his self confidence and self esteem will naturally plummet. Therefore, always treat your child as if he is the most precious thing in your life, and look upon him as a capable and confident person. Encourage him to achieve and reach his full potential.
  • Another tip: Use your child’s name as often as possible. This way, you are reinforcing the child’s value and self worth, and he feels proud that this is him that you are talking about.

Do all you can to make sure that your child grows up into a confident adult who feels good about himself.


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