How To Teach Kids About Fire Safety?

Fire safety and fire escape plans are fundamental parts of staying secure and alive.

Of these essential parts, the most significant one is to ensure that the kids know about fire safety from a very young age.

‘Fire safety for kids’ is one of the most essential topics that parents need to teach their children.

Fire is one of the primary causes of children’s accidental injuries and deaths. Every year children sets more than 100,000 fires. Of these, around 20,000 are set in houses.Fire safety for kids

Today, fire safety education program for children has been started by the National Community Fire Safety Center in order to create awareness among the children about the dangers of fire, how to prevent accidental fires, what to do to put off fire accidents, and how to develop the skills to be safe from fire.

Teaching your children about fire safety needs to be the major part of your fire prevention plan. As a parent, when teaching fire safety for your kids, try to establish a set of strict rules that each and every member of your family understand thoroughly, take it seriously, and comply with.

Steps to make your child understand fire and fire safety!

Explaining children about the risks of playing with fire is not the only target of a parent; instructing them strongly not to do so is also very important. As a parent, teach your child about the fire safety with live examples and at the same time keep the fire-related items away from your children’s reach.

Lighters/Matches: As children are getting injured, and even dying, from playing with matches and lighters, explain your children that matches and lighters are only for adults use. Also, ask them to handover the lighters and matches whenever they come across around the house.

Smoke Alarms: Explain your children about smoke alarm, its benefits and how it works in alerting. Also, tell them not to get afraid of the smoke alarm sound and ask them to get out the place immediately whenever they hear the sound [Child safety devices].

It is a good idea to show your children where smoke alarm is, and let them be with you while testing the alarm so that they can identify the sound and become alert easily.

Escaping Ideas: Teach your children how to escape from fire easily with the best possible ways, in case if the house is caught on fire.

Also, allow them to make an escape strategy. Be sure that your escape plan involves more than a single route so as to escape out through the other route if one is blocked. As a parent, make your children practice them regularly using a family fire drill.

Be Aware Of Fire: Teach your children not to be frightened with the fire and hide in a closet or below a table. Explain them clearly that hiding from smoke and fire is not possible until they get out of the house.

Also, teach them to get down and crawl out to get close to fresh air, in case if the room is completely filled with smoke.

Be Aside: Teach your children to stay out, once if they get out of a burning place and never get back to that place to protect a favorite toy or pet. Also, instruct them to go back only when the fire has been seized completely.

So, with these simple ideas, you can make sure that children know fire and its safety and remain secure all the time.


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