Important Commandment For Good Parenting: Develop Your Parental Listening Skills!

Good parenting is about providing warm, secure home life, helping your child to learn the rules of life, and actively listening to your child.

Active listening is one of the important factors of good parenting.

It is a big lesson to learn about good parenting but once you learn, it will be a benefit for you as long as you are a parent or grand parent.

You have to develop listening skills for your children to become a good parent.Good Parenting

Listen all the things! Listen to big things. Listen to small things. If your child is saying something unimportant, then also you have to listen. You find that listening is an important tool while parenting your children.

Listening takes time. If you are busy with other activities and if you start to listen while your child is talking when he is young, he will continue to talk until the teenage.

Learn to be a good listener for developing good parenting skills! Learn to become a good listener. It takes time and patience. But, the results are enormous when your child becomes older. Here are few hints to develop your listening skills for good parenting.

Hints to develop your listening skills for good parenting:

Stop your work! Stop whatever the work you are doing if your child has something to say. Yes, you are busy and often feel that you cannot stop and listen to child. You have to realize that the time to listen is when your child wants to talk.

You will never get this time back. So, stop doing other works and sit with your child. It is a good parenting skill.

Look at your child! Look at your child and read your child’s body language. How he is feeling? Is he sad, angry or happy? If you look at your child, your child also thinks that you are attentive.

By looking at your child, sometimes you can find much more than your child is saying. When your child is talking to you, look into his eyes.

Do not interrupt! One of the way to develop good parenting skills is not to interrupt while your child is talking to you. You can express your opinions when your child completes his talking.

Respect your child like you respect your adult friend. Use simple responses to let your child know that you are listening.

Encourage your child! If your child hesitates to speak or stop talking, ask simple leading questions. This will enable your child to continue with their conversation.

Encourage him by saying “tell me more”. Leading questions makes your child to continue the conversation. He also thinks that you are interested in what he is saying.

Always there is no need to provide solution to help your child. Just listening will help him to make good choice and it is a good parenting skill. Don’t argue and show personal emotions. Don’t deny your child’s feelings. Your child should know that he can express his feelings.


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