Important For Today Parent: Keeping Communication Lines Open!

Yes, communication is important between parent and child.

Today parent should be effective and should have good parenting skills.

Today parent need to communicate with children.

Practice listening! As a today parent, you need to practice listening and talking to your child.

When your children are young, you can learn to talk and listen and be prepared with communication skills. As they get older it is harder to communicate with them.Today Parent

Communicating! Communicating with your kids is not a natural activity but it is a learned activity. As a today parent, you have to keep communication lines open between you and your child for better parenting when your child grows into teen.

Ask yourself that “are you listening to your children”. You are busy cooking dinner, mowing the lawn and cleaning home, but do you continue to listen what your child is saying? This is an important part of communication.

As a today parent, take time to listen to your children as you will not find time and opportunities when they grow older. Stop doing your work and listen to your child by looking into your child’s eyes. Let your child know that whatever he is saying is important to you.

Control your emotions! Listen with open mind. Control your emotions while listening. Unburden your child from problems. If your child stops in between the discussion, encourage him to continue and keep talking.

Don’t discourage! Do not use statements your parent has used when you are young. Today parent should behave as a friend with their children to allow them to share their problems with you.

Today parent should be always ready to communicate whenever the child wants to share his feelings with the parent.

Encourage! You can use encouraging and soothing words like “how did you feel when that incident happened?” Do not interrupt your child and do not show your emotions on your face. Keep the communication lines open by using simple and tension relieving phrases.

“What a great question you have asked?”

“How did you feel at that moment?”

Do you understand what it means?”

“Tell me what you think about it openly.”

These phrases can allow your child to continue his conversation and keep the communication lines open.

But there are some things that will close the communication with your child. Those are not giving eye contact with your child or not paying full attention to your child.

As a today parent, you should avoid negative comments. Avoid using phrases which will close communication of your child with you.

“You are too young to understand the situation”

”It is none of your business to talk about the family matters”

“I don’t care what other children are doing”

These phrases hurt your child. Respect their feelings and allow your child to ask questions when they are in trouble. Become a today parent and avoid negative comments.

As a today parent practice listening and encourage your child to talk and share with you when they are young. If they are comfortable with you, they will come to you faster and listen closely to your advice.


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