Is It Good To Compare Your Baby Development Milestones With Others?

Nobody expects the new baby to do much more than eat, pee, sleep, cry and look cute. But after few months the things change.

You begin to look for milestones. Milestones that indicate your baby is progressing.

Milestones! If your baby development does not meet certain milestones, they need assistance such as physical, speech or occupational therapy. It is not set for the babies at which age they should reach these milestones.

Every baby development differs and parents often forget about this. You are happy if your baby reaches each milestone and you note the date in your baby books about your baby development.Baby Development

First step in the baby development of your baby is smiling. Next she is rolling over. Next she is sitting. The next milestone is crawling. Next she is pulling up.

Walking and talking. Identifying numbers, alphabets and colors. Next step is reading. The list of milestones continues to go on in your baby development.

That’s where you get into trouble. If your little baby is not doing something when you think that they should, you become anxious and tensed. If another baby is doing it first, you become panic. If a parent of another baby is doing something early for their baby, you become jealous.

You work hard to help your baby achieve these milestones in the process of baby development. You keep toys in front of them hoping that they will crawl. You also provide educational toys to help in development of creativity. It’s not at all wrong. It’s a right thing to do.

Encouragement and assistance are essential to helping in your baby development. But experienced parents say that parents should give time for the baby development. If a baby has to walk at fourteen months, it is unlikely to expect in ten months.

It is unreliable to expect. If your baby is cautious, she will hesitate in pulling something until she is confident to get back down without falling. If your baby can crawl with speed, she does not want to walk as she can reach her destination by crawling.

Smaller babies do physical things like sit up as they have less weight to manage. If you have any doubt in baby development, you consult your baby’s pediatrician. If your parenting sense tells that something is wrong, you can evaluate your baby by a developmental pediatrician.

Give your baby opportunities to practice new skills and help them to learn. You should not panic when other babies reach milestones.

It is better to concentrate on your baby development rather than comparing with other babies. Remember that there are individual differences in the baby development and abilities. So, comparing your baby development to others with special needs is not helpful.

Instead focus on your own baby development even if the progress is small. Enjoy the changes in your baby development and enhance them.


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