Know The Various Disadvantages Of Being A Strict Parent!

Parenting is the typical aspect which can affect the life of your child.

With good parenting, your child will obtain good behavior and good characteristics, where as with the bad parenting the total behavior of the child will be affected and it can’t be changed easily if once your child has crossed certain age limit.

Certainly the children of the strict parents will have different behaviors when compared to normal parents.

They tend to feel a lot for the little things which occur more normally in their routine life because they will be more afraid of their parents and feels that their parents will shout at him/her for those things that have happened to them.Strict Parent

If you are a strict parent, try to keep one thing in mind i.e. “you cannot be able to achieve anything with strictness, whereas with love and affection you can win the whole world”. Do you want proof for this?

Tell two different tasks for your child one with strictness and other with love, certainly the task which was requested with love will be completed by him/her where as the task which was ordered with strictness will be incomplete.

Even though, the task ordered with strictness completes, you can be able to observe several faults or mistakes in that task.

Don’t feel yourself as a great strict parent by imposing the orders to your child. By this type of behavior the heart of your child will sink a lot and he/she may not pay proper interest on the tasks which have to be performed on their daily routine.

Sometimes they also feel depressed with your strictness and results in several health problems.

Other than these things, some more problems which can affect your child if you behave as a strict parent are:

  • Basically the behavior of the child who has strict parents will vary in two ways i.e. one is as a coward and the other is as a rude or harsh fellow.
  • If such behavior is developed with in them, then it cannot be changed easily.
  • Sometimes they even revolt against your order and don’t care you if you remain as a strict parent for long period of time.
  • Once negative feeling develops in them, they don’t bother you and this negative feeling continues throughout their life.
  • The levels of love and affection will also be decreased on the parents and they will not share any thing with you.
  • The children who develop rudeness or harshness will behave in the rough manner and he/she tend to forget humanity when they feel tensed.

So, don’t behave like a strict parent and provide good care, affection and love for your child. By this, humanity and good behavior will be developed in your child.


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