Let Your Child Learn These Effective Time Management Skills!

Time management is the important aspect that is required daily in every one’s life.

You have to help your child to learn how to manage time for efficient result in their work.

You should make your child’s time management successful.

Tips to manage time:

Make a schedule: Set a time schedule for your child. Prioritize the things in the schedule. Going to school is the important priority for the child.

Your child attends school regularly at the same timings without delay. In the time schedule, study and play timings should be mentioned after the school timings.Time management

You have to make your child complete their home works and assignments in study timings. Give time for other activities to your child in play time. Once they are habituated with a schedule, they can manage time on their own.

Set goals: Setting goals are important in time management. If your child has to complete a project work, set a time limit to complete the project. Encourage your child to make a plan in completing the project.

Some children will not agree with the time limit and fight with their parents. But, you have to explain that the long term plan and setting goals can complete the project within time otherwise the project cannot be completed.

Maintaining school time: Many children go to school after the school bell. But, the school authorities blame parents if children come to school late. Children always depend on their parents to transport them to school.

So, you have to teach responsible behavior and stick to the school schedule. Make your child to wake at same timings in the morning.

Your child learns what you do regularly for getting them ready when they observe you. When children learn to maintain the time schedule, they continue to maintain when they grow up.

Five different areas in which you can teach the children to maintain time:

Home work: Home work is the area where you can set time for your child to complete so that they can learn time management.

Television: There is no need to restrict or forbid the television. You can monitor and limit the timings so that they know how much time they should watch television daily.

Interaction with friends: You have to spend more time with your child than your child do with their friends to embrace your values in them.

Extracurricular activities: If your child’s extracurricular activities are interfering with his/her school work, cut back the activities. Extracurricular activities are necessary for your child in certain areas of development, but too much can spoil their education.

Part time jobs: Teens work many hours in part time jobs. The number of working hours should be cut down in their school year.

Teens cannot be able to cut down the number of hours as it is assigned by the employer. You have to help your teen to get a part time job which needs less number of hours.

As a parent, you are the ultimate time manager and you have to make your child learn about time management for attaining success in every aspect of life.


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