Making Your Child An Effective Communicator!

Effective communicator is one who maintains audience attention, response and participation.

Your child has an assignment of giving speech in his class in front of his classmates and teachers.

But, he is afraid to give the speech in front of them or he is having a doubt of holding the audience for the complete speech time.

As a parent, you are the one who should help your child and make him an effective communicator.Effective Communicator

Understanding the audience! Explain your child to be aware and understand the audience to whom he speaks.

Explain your child to outline the points what they speak or write. Ask your child when he is going to deliver the speech, is it in the morning, before lunch time or in the afternoon.

Make your child an effective communicator! When the audience is not in a mood to listen to the speech, you can give some suggestions to your child for making in those situations.

  • Ask your child to make an eye contact with every one in the audience.
  • Tell your child how to be brief and specific while preparing the speech.
  • Ask him to prepare visual aids.
  • While preparing the speech, guide him to be enthusiastic and dynamic
  • Prepare your child to speak clearly, authoritatively and strongly.
  • Tell your child to ask questions to the audience while giving speech.

Written communication! Communication can be improved by writing also. Some people will have natural talent in writing. Written talent is tested in schools. You can also extract written talent in your child. Written communication is also important in professional and social life.

How to improve written communication?

Let your child read loud! Make your child to read the prepared draft loud so that they can identify the mistakes which their eyes missed. Reading the draft loud can improve the writing form.

Use simple language! Tell your child to use to use simple words instead of big and complex words. Writing with simple words can make the topic to understand easily.

Be brief and specific! Help your child use only the words those are required for the draft. Help him to omit the unnecessary words. Few expressive words can give the whole message.

Using different types of sentences! Many students use only one sentence type that is simple sentence. To make your child an effective communicator, help him to use different types of sentences like complex and compound.

Using anecdotes! When your child writes a paper about any topic, ask him to give examples. The example can include short story. It gives personal and relevant message.

Practice is important to become an effective communicator. Spend some time and help your child to practice speech and written communication skills for their future.


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