Parenting Advice To Your Child: Design Your Child’s Accomplishments In A Chore Chart

Every child expects parenting advices from his mother or father.

Parenting advice to a child can be used to complete the daily tasks of your child.

As a parent it can be very frustrating to ask your children over and over again to complete their tasks without them ever getting done.

If this is the top problem in your house, consider designing a chore chart. Designing a chore chart is an effective parenting advice to every child.

This chart includes all regular tasks such as, taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, cleaning their room, yard work or putting laundry in the laundry room. Each task has to be done just once or twice a week. Other than these tasks are unrealistic.Parenting Advice

After finishing the task your child can put a check mark on the chore chart.

At the end of each week, it is very inspiring for both you and your child to look at the chore chart and easily see that each designated job was completed.

As you feel great for designing the chore list, in the same way your child will also find great satisfaction in being able to check off each chore as it’s completed. They also feel pride knowing that they accomplished a list of tasks.

After completing the list of tasks by your child, now it is time to discuss the rewards for accomplishing each task listed. You can give some amount of money for each task accomplished.

If you decide to give some sort of monetary allowances to your child, make sure it is age appropriate and granted on a regular basis.

A good rule while giving money to your child is, give 50 cents per year. So an eight year old child earns $4.00 per week if each chore on the list has been completed. If the chore list has not been completed by your child then don’t give any allowances.

This parenting advice is a great opportunity for you to teach your children the value of both earning and saving money, and also giving back.

If you decide to give allowances other than money, be sure you set clear parameters for your child. Let them know that, they can play their favorite videogame, or they can go to see a movie with mom and dad only when they successfully complete the chore list.


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