Parenting Hyperactive Children

While raising children is a full time job, raising children that are hyperactive can seem like overtime.

Hyperactive children have to be watched much closer and often require constant interaction.

These children are usually in constant motion searching for something entertaining.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to raise hyperactive children without becoming overwhelmed. Consider the following options.hyperactive child

Consider the Activities Your Child Enjoys

Some activities are known to make kids more excited. When trying to maintain an environment that helps your child stay calm these activities should be excluded. For example, fast action video games or shows can quickly excite a hyper active child.

Instead of allowing your child to play fighting or racing games, you might opt for interactive learning games. Another option to consider is games or activities that allow for creativity and require concentration.

Activities such as painting, drawing, or sculpting can often calm a hyperactive child. These activities allow for hands on activity without exciting your child.

Schedule Your Child’s Day

Hyperactive children often feel more comfortable in environments where they know what is going to happen. Instead of last minute trips to the store or activities around the house, you may find your child works better on a detailed schedule.

This allows them to adjust to what should be done before the time actually arrives for it to be done. For example, instead of facing a temper tantrum or meltdown when it is time to clean the bedroom, you can include this as part of a weekly schedule.

Make sure your child knows that every Thursday evening is the time to clean their room and they will adjust much better. This schedule should include everything that has to be done during the day, from brushing his or her teeth to taking a bath at night.

Seek Out a Support System

As the parent of a hyperactive child, you will quickly realize it is an impossible job to do without help.

Look for people in your life who are willing to help with the situation. The people you choose should understand that hyperactivity is a disorder and your child cannot turn it on and off.

Consider having a meeting with all the people who are willing to babysit or come by to help. During this meeting you can explain how the condition works and offer advice for what helps your child stay calm. Having a monthly meeting can also be helpful.

One person may find techniques that work that they can share with the group. Having a support system available to help with this situation will make it much more bearable.

Remember raising a hyperactive child will require patience and understanding. Your child will often be much more frustrated than you are. Unfortunately, this is something your child will have to live with for a long time.

Your job as a parent is to be caring, understanding, and supportive no matter what the situation may bring. If you become frazzled so will your child.


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